Work Experience

Universe Energy (August 2023 - Present)
Robotics Manipulation Engineer

3DEO (October 2020 - August 2023)
Robotics Engineer

  • Prototyped/developed/deployed/maintained an automated workcell for the delicate de-powdering of binder-jet 3D-printed parts
  • Supported debugging/development of production binder-jet metal 3d-printing machines

UBTech Robotics (July 2019 - October 2020)
Senior Mechanical Engineer

  • EOAT Design/Integration/Test
  • Prototyped, evaluated, tested various mobile manipulation concepts for service robotics applications
  • Assisted in setup and development of research center from the ground up

Jet Propulsion Laboratory (February 2017 - July 2019)
Robotics Mechanical Engineer

  • Projects: Sensorized tactile wheel, rover prototypes for snow mobility, Mars sample return concepts, hydrothermal vent anchor, in-space assembly

Research Experience

Yale Grablab (2010-2016)

  • Advisor: Prof. Aaron Dollar
  • Developed the Yale OpenHand Project, a library of open-source designs for underactuated robotic hands
  • Analyzed dexterous manipulation capabilities of underactuated robotic hands
  • Designed, fabricated, and evaluated novel mechanism designs for underactuated grasping and manipulation

MIT PCSL (2008-2010)

  • Advisors: Prof. Martin Culpepper, Alex Slocum Jr.
  • Designed/instrumented low-cost device to measure the torque/power output of the human ankle joint, utilizing compliant flexure designs to minimize cost

MIT Personal Robotics Lab (2006-2007)

  • Advisors: Prof. Cynthia Breazeal, Guy Hoffman
  • Worked on AUR, a robotic lamp


Yale University (2010-2016)
PhD in MechE
MS in MechE
Thesis: Strategies for Dexterous Manipulation with Underactuated, Robotic Hands

MIT (2006-2010)
SB in MechE, SB in EECS
Thesis: Torque Measurement with Inexpensive Compliant Mechanisms


Journal Publications

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