Current Projects

Delta 3D-Printer Designs/Mods (Fall 2013 - Present)
Engineering - MechE
Modifying and improving the delta-style printers, namely the Rostock Max and its derivatives. A particular focus lately has been the development of an automatic tool changer based on magnetic, kinematic couplings

Combat Robots (Spring 2019 - Present)
Engineering - MechE/CS/EE
Latched on to a battlebots team like a flea on a dog and never let go. Compelled me to try out antweight and beetleweight robots. A big fan of meltybrains and other weird stuff.

Past Projects

Dexterous Manipulation with Underactuated Hands (Fall 2010-Fall 2016)
PhD Thesis
My graduate research focused on extending the capabilities of simple, underactuated hands to more complex and dexterous manipulation tasks. Underactuated hands often sacrifice controllability in exchange for passive adaptability and simplicity, but a careful optimization of the mechanical parameters can often result in very repeatable and robust examples of dexterity
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Yale OpenHand Project (Fall 2012-Fall 2016)
Engineering - MechE/CS/EE
In conjunction with my research at Yale, I also designed and distributed open-source designs for 3D-printed robotic hands. The hands utilize compliant flexure joints made from rubber urethanes in place of standard revolute joints to improve robustness and durability. Each design comes with clear fabrication/assembly instructions. Currently still an ongoing project maintained by the Grab Lab at Yale University
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